Off-Grid Gear

Want to know what we recommend to get you started on your journey off-grid? Well we have put together some of our tried and true items that we have either tried or are currently using on our 2 year journey of being off-grid. 

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An EXCELLENT starter generator for anyone who is a beginner with using solar power. With the Yeti, you will be able to charge your electronic devices, a laptop and any USB item that you have on hand. 

renogy 100 watt solar panel

The solar panel collects the energy from the sun to be stored and used for powering your electronics. The more solar wattage you have the more energy you are able to store. (You will eventually have to upgrade the inverter wattage in order to store more power) This is a great panel to start with to power your Yeti.

using solar power

Want to learn more about solar energy and how to use it to power your life off-grid?

We recorded a vlog which introduced the solar system that we are currently using. It took some time to upgrade to this system as we learned what our power needs were going to be and we learned more about how-to use solar energy. 

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